Monday, February 23, 2009

I quit...

I am not taking meds for Lyme any more. I technically have not been for a while as I had seen improvements and no symptoms I could 100% point to the Lyme anymore. My LLMD and I agreed until I have a relapse that I can see old symptoms reappear or new ones of extreme severity that antibiotics are no longer a necessity. I discontinued supplement useage a while back when I felt an overload of medications taking hold of me, but I think I will start back on a vitamin therapy to help boost my immune system some. I have been sick a couple time this year already with mild colds and it seems to be happening very easily. Fortunately it has not become anything more serious which is usually what happens and I then end up with bronchitis or a severe upper respiratory system.

I know doctors have a part in our overall health direction, but I firmly believe that I know and understand what my body is going through, and especially after the past few years, understand and know what I feel like I can tolerate and what is too much. I do not like to overload when I do not see a clear reason for doing something. I do not have the extensive pharmacy I once had in my cabinets. I no longer use a pill organizer like I once had to in oder to keep track of what I was taking and when I needed to be taking them. I am down to Morning and Evening meds and my every other day shot and that is enough!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Neuro Appointment

So I had an appointment with my neuro on Wednesday and it was not a very good one in the aspect of length of time spent there! I waited (with 2 kids) in hte waiting room for more than 1 hour before they called me back to the room, and then sat there waiting for the doctor for about 30 more minutes. i tell you I was not a very happy camper and the kids were not too pleased as well. It was a 12:15 appointment which I go there a little early for just in case they could get me in, but nope....I heard other in the WR comlaining about their own waits. The kids did pretty weel for the biggest duration of the wait, but they were getting really hungry. My kids are pretty programmed to eat at certain times and it was way beyond their window of lunch time. I normally would not have gone with out something for them to snack on but we were supposed to meet a friend for luch after the appointment. Good thing we did not have to pick them up from the airport since it took forever to get out of the doctor's office. When she did make it in, she knew I was not in the best of moods and she did not mess around. It was short and sweet and too the point. Things seem good, no problems, keep on taking my meds like I have been and get my blood work done, see me in 12 weeks, thank you and drive through. If it was not such a drive to get there and then an investment I had already made waiting in the office that day, I would have walked out and rescheduled. I can't stand to wait on overbooked offices that are behind and seeming to do nothing about it.......

Anyway, I think I am getting a cold. I have been running around and going and doing a ton of things and my body is feeling it. I am getting sick I hope it is mild and does not get too rough......I am going to bed!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

13 years? Yep.....hard to believe it!!

I have been married to the same man for 13 years now. We have offically been married for 13 years today....we met in December of 1995 and got married 2 months later in on the 17th of February 1996 and here we are.....both still standing. :)

I am blessed to have a wondeful husband who has always taken very good care of me and our family. I knew within hours of meeting him that I would marry him and even told someone this (although they thought I was CRAZY) and I never doubted it because I just knew. We have been through a lot of things together over the years and see lots of struggles within our own friends and families. We have brought two beautiful daughters into the world together, and seen many family members pass on from this world as well. We have both come to Christ together and even work together now. What a path we have taken over the years. I cannot wait for the next 13, or 30, or more......

I have a date in 37 years (or so) with this guy I met back in 1995......

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sharps Disposal Part Deux

Ok, back when I first started taking my every-other-day injections, I was really bothered by the way I was told to dispose of my needles. read here A few weeks ago I was contacted by a gentleman from a company called Sharps Inc. when he came across my blog regarding the problematic disposal of said syringes. We had a nice conversation about the issue that plagues many patients that begin taking injectable medicines and he told me about the website and their product, a mail drop sharps disposal system that is medical waste regulated. This is something that is a product all patients should be offered through their insurance companies or the companies that provide the medication they are using. My meds come with a complete set up for use, and immediate disposal, but not long term disposal. Many states are not fully regulated in this field yet, which presents the problems I was faced with back when I started taking the shots. I know many others have come across the same issues and I hope this company can be of some relief to them - I know it has been for me! I know they are doing the RIGHT thing with this medical waste, and it is not ending up in a landfill where people can be affected/infected, where it will sit for many years to come as it is not biodegradable, and possibly end up in the hands of people looking for used needles to further their drug usage. I urge anyone who needs help with this matter to look into this company and ask your medical insurance company to do the same.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

I started WORKING this past week. I have not worked for a paycheck in 7 years......since I had our oldest daughter. I was asked to train for a position to work from home part time and so I started that training this past week. I spent three days in the office training and learned a ton of new systems to do the job. I was beat at the end of the week. I spent the day today in bed catching up on some zzzz's and slept through church (which I did not want to do) but I slept until 2 pm so I guess I needed the rest. I cleaned my house all day yesterday as it needed the attention - it was a mess - Happy Valentine's Day :) ! I am so out of the habit of working, cleaning, running the kids around, and doing everything else.......hats off to everyone who does it daily! I keep telling my friend who fosters 4 babies (who are all medically fragile and constantly at the doctors or in therapy), has 2 teenagers and homeschools, that she is superwoman - and I am serious about that!! God Bless Her!! I have another busy week ahead and know it will be a good one again - my best friend will be in town and I am so excited to see her! I cannot wait!

Monday, February 2, 2009

A busy schedule?? 8 months ago it would have been impossible!

So here I am about to start working from home....a real job, not stuffing envelopes.....or something hinkey like that. I will be working a schedule of my own but still a real job. I begin training on Monday for that and we will go from there. I am a little nervous, but I know it will be all right! My mom will be keeping the kids for a few days during the week while I do the training, so the house will be pretty quiet in the evenings! Suzie (the dog) with not know what to do.

I will also still be homeschooling the girls, and have been working on getting a connection going at church for our homeschoolers there. I will be launching something in April and I pray it is something that really takes off and we can grow in the church from there. I will still be volunteering at our church like I have been, or maybe a little more within the Early Childhood as we grow into our new building over the next few months.

I am trying to get more involved in Pastoral Care, We had dinner last night with the Pastoral Care pastor and his wife and daughter from our church tonight. They are such a nice family, I am looking forward to getting to know them better! This is a ministry I have had a heart for since I lost my brother in 2005 and did not have the support of the church I was a part of at the time.I think great things can happen, and I look forward to working with Larry in the future!

I could possibly also be doing some music with my hubby who is going to be leading up the new music ministry for the Early Childhood at our church. There are loads of things going on in the house of Ballard at the moment. We are still in the process of learning all about cakes too. Ken has been making at least one every week....honing the skills. I research the recipes and have become the official tester....not a bad job, just can't say I eat much else.

I have been dealing with some nasty migraines this past week. I had been feeling really good, and no serious symptoms other than a random tingle in my face ever once in a while, until the past week. I have had 3 full days with full on Migraines that meds are hardly touching. I think I will be calling the neuro and see what she thinks. I do not like these feelings, and most meds are not doing the job to stop them or keep them away so something is going on.....we will see I guess.

So, I have become quite the busy lady here lately.....and I am just glad to be blessed and able to do it all!

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