Monday, February 2, 2009

A busy schedule?? 8 months ago it would have been impossible!

So here I am about to start working from home....a real job, not stuffing envelopes.....or something hinkey like that. I will be working a schedule of my own but still a real job. I begin training on Monday for that and we will go from there. I am a little nervous, but I know it will be all right! My mom will be keeping the kids for a few days during the week while I do the training, so the house will be pretty quiet in the evenings! Suzie (the dog) with not know what to do.

I will also still be homeschooling the girls, and have been working on getting a connection going at church for our homeschoolers there. I will be launching something in April and I pray it is something that really takes off and we can grow in the church from there. I will still be volunteering at our church like I have been, or maybe a little more within the Early Childhood as we grow into our new building over the next few months.

I am trying to get more involved in Pastoral Care, We had dinner last night with the Pastoral Care pastor and his wife and daughter from our church tonight. They are such a nice family, I am looking forward to getting to know them better! This is a ministry I have had a heart for since I lost my brother in 2005 and did not have the support of the church I was a part of at the time.I think great things can happen, and I look forward to working with Larry in the future!

I could possibly also be doing some music with my hubby who is going to be leading up the new music ministry for the Early Childhood at our church. There are loads of things going on in the house of Ballard at the moment. We are still in the process of learning all about cakes too. Ken has been making at least one every week....honing the skills. I research the recipes and have become the official tester....not a bad job, just can't say I eat much else.

I have been dealing with some nasty migraines this past week. I had been feeling really good, and no serious symptoms other than a random tingle in my face ever once in a while, until the past week. I have had 3 full days with full on Migraines that meds are hardly touching. I think I will be calling the neuro and see what she thinks. I do not like these feelings, and most meds are not doing the job to stop them or keep them away so something is going on.....we will see I guess.

So, I have become quite the busy lady here lately.....and I am just glad to be blessed and able to do it all!

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