Monday, February 23, 2009

I quit...

I am not taking meds for Lyme any more. I technically have not been for a while as I had seen improvements and no symptoms I could 100% point to the Lyme anymore. My LLMD and I agreed until I have a relapse that I can see old symptoms reappear or new ones of extreme severity that antibiotics are no longer a necessity. I discontinued supplement useage a while back when I felt an overload of medications taking hold of me, but I think I will start back on a vitamin therapy to help boost my immune system some. I have been sick a couple time this year already with mild colds and it seems to be happening very easily. Fortunately it has not become anything more serious which is usually what happens and I then end up with bronchitis or a severe upper respiratory system.

I know doctors have a part in our overall health direction, but I firmly believe that I know and understand what my body is going through, and especially after the past few years, understand and know what I feel like I can tolerate and what is too much. I do not like to overload when I do not see a clear reason for doing something. I do not have the extensive pharmacy I once had in my cabinets. I no longer use a pill organizer like I once had to in oder to keep track of what I was taking and when I needed to be taking them. I am down to Morning and Evening meds and my every other day shot and that is enough!!

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