Thursday, February 19, 2009

Neuro Appointment

So I had an appointment with my neuro on Wednesday and it was not a very good one in the aspect of length of time spent there! I waited (with 2 kids) in hte waiting room for more than 1 hour before they called me back to the room, and then sat there waiting for the doctor for about 30 more minutes. i tell you I was not a very happy camper and the kids were not too pleased as well. It was a 12:15 appointment which I go there a little early for just in case they could get me in, but nope....I heard other in the WR comlaining about their own waits. The kids did pretty weel for the biggest duration of the wait, but they were getting really hungry. My kids are pretty programmed to eat at certain times and it was way beyond their window of lunch time. I normally would not have gone with out something for them to snack on but we were supposed to meet a friend for luch after the appointment. Good thing we did not have to pick them up from the airport since it took forever to get out of the doctor's office. When she did make it in, she knew I was not in the best of moods and she did not mess around. It was short and sweet and too the point. Things seem good, no problems, keep on taking my meds like I have been and get my blood work done, see me in 12 weeks, thank you and drive through. If it was not such a drive to get there and then an investment I had already made waiting in the office that day, I would have walked out and rescheduled. I can't stand to wait on overbooked offices that are behind and seeming to do nothing about it.......

Anyway, I think I am getting a cold. I have been running around and going and doing a ton of things and my body is feeling it. I am getting sick I hope it is mild and does not get too rough......I am going to bed!

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Heather said...

I HATE WAITS! I can't think of a harder thing for young ones. We wait so much in waiting rooms, I put off things I need to do for my self like fix my tooth that broke last July, my mammo (due for 2 and my sinuses are way screwed up going on a year now of living off a bottle of afrin a week to sleep and swallow. But I just don't have it in me to go to the doctor for myself and wait in another waiting room. Sigh. I don't understand what is so hard about scheduling, do you?