Saturday, February 14, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

I started WORKING this past week. I have not worked for a paycheck in 7 years......since I had our oldest daughter. I was asked to train for a position to work from home part time and so I started that training this past week. I spent three days in the office training and learned a ton of new systems to do the job. I was beat at the end of the week. I spent the day today in bed catching up on some zzzz's and slept through church (which I did not want to do) but I slept until 2 pm so I guess I needed the rest. I cleaned my house all day yesterday as it needed the attention - it was a mess - Happy Valentine's Day :) ! I am so out of the habit of working, cleaning, running the kids around, and doing everything else.......hats off to everyone who does it daily! I keep telling my friend who fosters 4 babies (who are all medically fragile and constantly at the doctors or in therapy), has 2 teenagers and homeschools, that she is superwoman - and I am serious about that!! God Bless Her!! I have another busy week ahead and know it will be a good one again - my best friend will be in town and I am so excited to see her! I cannot wait!

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