Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Not feeling so good......

since Sunday. It is that time of year and my feeble immune system is just hit hard with temperature changes and handling loads of babies in the nursery at church. I love "loving" on those little ones, since I am NOT having any more, but then I tend to pay for it later! I have been running fever since Sunday afternoon and felt like I was getting a full blown respiratory infection. So far, the fever is lingering but I have not really gotten "sick". My system is fighting something off....today I have felt kinda puny all day and feel a migraine setting in......echhhh!

The pool is finally moving along. The guys are here today and the tile edging is complete. They will start the coping (top edge of the pool) soon. The electrician is finishing up his part in hooking up the lighting and the pool equipment. Tomorrow the decking people should be here to get my patio done!! I am excited about this as I have had this house for 5 years and never had real patio furniture until last month (bought on clearance!!) and it has been sitting in the garage all this time begging to be used on some of these cool beautiful nights!! I cannot wait!! I could possibly be sitting out under the stars on Friday or Saturday - THIS WEEK!!!

Pray for my sweet friends, Tana & Lori as they are dealing with sick kids and very worn out and down!! Pray for peace, strength and rest for the, plus the improvment of the health of the kiddos! Pray for my best friends as they are still looking for a job and direction in which the family should go....(selfishly) I hope no where!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Update on LLMD visit

Well, today went well. I have been feeling pretty good here lately so there was that to report to him. We looked at my health survey and thought it looked pretty decent, better than the last time I was in his office. He is happy with the results of my Neuropsych eval and thought that was good to have. We are going to check my CD 57 levels to determine on-going antibiotic treatment. He said if the levels are really good and up there (in the 100-200 range) that he will let me stop all treatment. This is great news!! I have to say that I think most of my symptoms have been MS related lately and not really LD (or coinfections). I have put on 13 lbs since I was in there last and he thinks it is Lyrica causing this as I started it about 2 months ago as well. He wants me to talk to the neuro about switching to something else as it has many side effects (I was not aware of) and that might take care of the other small issues I have been dealing with. I do have a wheeze that I have been dealing with since February, and I thought it was from the 3 bouts of bronchitis I had in 2 months but he thinks it is reactionary to possible allergies. I do notice it is aggrevated on heavy ozone days or when I am outside alot running errands or in and out of the car. I had to make an appointment with the GP to see him next week and get this looked into.

All in all, today was a good appoinment. I did get rather sick this afternoon - think it was a full blown migraine that came on suddenly and made me so sick to my stomach and head pounding, eyes throbbing......not fun. I came home and crawled into bed from 2-5pm and still feel a little "off".


I have an appointment today with the LLMD. I do not know which direction we will be going in next. I have been experiencing less symptoms in the past month or two which has been nice. I have upped my antidepressant (with his approval) as I felt I needed it - we have been adjusting the dosage for a while. I am sure I will have more blood work done today as it is time for a liver function check and Thyroid level test. I feel like I may need to up the thyroid meds as I do not feel there is much going on with that.....guess the blood work will tell. Pray for me as I feel a bit like I am on an emotional roller coaster this week.

I have my follow up with the neuro on Oct. 9th, I am looking forward to that visit as I have not heard anything about the last round of MRI's yet. Hopefully that means something good.

The pool is moving along. We now have a big concrete hole in the backyard and they may start prettying it up today or over the weekend. Just in time for a cold front if I heard the weather man right last night.......at least I will be able to sit out and enjoy the patio some before our small but usually icy winter gets here

Pray for Ken (hubby) if you feel led, for peace and patience. These financial issues in the banks are really worrying him as he is the sole provider for us. Pray for Tana and family as they begin planning for a BIG adjustment in bringing home a very sick baby. Pray for my best friend's family as they face a big job decision and possible move - (I hope they can stay here, but pray for what is best for their family).

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Living with.....

a disease is so surreal at times. I have moments of clarity then I have moments of sheer fatigue that I (almost) cannot function through. Luckily here lately I have been feeling pretty good - thank GOD!! I just (yesterday) read about a little girl from my home town that is the daughter of someone I went to school with and has passed away. She was 11 years old and has been fighting cancer since she was born practically. I cannot imagine what her family is feeling or going through. I hurt for them, but know that I cannot console them in anyway, but I will say a prayer for them. I have mentioned before about the friends I have that are dealing with sick children - again, I ask you to pray for them, even if you do not know their names. God knows and will hear you if you ask him to!!

I will be saying an extra prayer for all of my friends, and their sick children tonight - and for the newly wed couple Ken married today, Emily & Houston. May the Lord be with you all!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

The pool process......

If you care to check it out, Ken set up a family site and it photo blogging the process.


It is a very interesting process to watch step by step! I am totally amazed at what a skilled gunite person can do.......just look at the pictures!

Anyway, If you are reading this, please say a prayer for my friends Lori and Todd, whose son is extremely ill and the family is seperated due to jobs and specialist locations. We need healing for Caed, and strength peace and rest for the family as they deal with a life long medical situation and horrible thing for a 5 year old to go though!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I did not realize it was 9/11......

I saw flags at half mast and wondered if I missed a passing on of some political person. Then I got home and saw something on yahoo. What a sad day for loads of people today is....bittersweet for me as that was the day I was confirmed to be pregnant with my first baby - who is now 6. Wow how time flies!! God Bless all those touched by 9/11.

As far as my health, not much going on here lately. I have felt pretty normal with a few bouts of extreme fatigue kicking in every once in a while. Nothing a little (or few hour) nap won't resolve usually! :) I still have not heard anything on the last MRI's from a few weeks ago. I am assuming no news is good news.

We have been waiting on the weather to have our pool construction started. The hurricane season is not conducive to pool building. And I only thought that I would be affected if I were on a cruise out in the ocean since we do not live seaside......go figure. Pray for everyone that is!!

If you read this, please pray for my friend Lori as she has a very sick little boy Caed, and they have had to "relocate" to Nebraska for a while to receive some very specialized medical care at a facility in Omaha I believe it is........

Pray for my best friend as they are dealing with job-loss and the uncertainty that come swith that.....

Pray for Tana and her sick baby Kensley......I only know of then thru Lori from above, via the internet....