Tuesday, August 25, 2009

School's in Session

We started school the week after my surgery. I had to do something and I was motivated and we went full on into it......and it was good. We have been on a regular schedule and so far there has not been too much of a melt down, or struggle but a little slow walking by the eldest child. Some days she makes school an all day task. Today was a good day and we had fun....we need more of those days! Other than that I have been planning the year's field trips and outings and trying to get our schedule locked down around my various appointments and work.

I go in on Thursday to have the Power Port put in so I will not be bruised up anymore when nurses cannot locate my poor little veins. I am bruised on both arms from last weeks infusion where there was three misses before the vein was found. I look like a addict who shoots up.....yuck! Anyway, I should not have any issues with that after Thursday afternoon, God willing.

Friday, August 7, 2009

"Parts is Parts"

And I have a couple less inside me then I did yesterday. I had my gallbladder removed and some tissue around the colon that had twisted up and died. Dr. McQuaid took loads of pictures taken of my insides for the Gyno. to take a look at. He found signs of Endometriosis and more cysts on my ovaries along with a part of the abdominal wall grown over on itself, that he detached while he was in there. The gallstone(s) were gone so they had passed but the gallbladder was inflamed and did not look good so it was a good thing it was being removed anyway, and I will not have more issues there. I feel like I was kicked in the gut and the side and the back. I think 2 c-sections were less painful than this surgery! It was laproscopic but they blow you up with CO2 so they can see and have room to move and work and there is 4 incisions - one being in the belly button.....that one is where they remove the parts through. I am very sore there today. I will be going back to the doctor's office today to have the dressing changed on the belly button as it is still oozing and tight now. Fun stuff right.....? I have been blessed with many prayers and calls and friends offering dinner or making dinner and offering to take the girls so I can rest. Ken is off until Monday so hopefully I will be much better by then!