Sunday, March 22, 2009

Been slacking on the blog...

lately but who notices? :) I have been pretty busy with my new job and trying to keep up with homeschooling the girls as well. We have all been sick on top of that and trying to do things around the house and still have a life as well. Really, that all is life, right?

Well, this weekend we tackled the beast of a backyard with the dog run finally getting taken care of! Yea!! I talked Ken in to the gate and he made it happen. I now have control over the backyard again and the dog is not the winner - I am! We moved stuff around and started working on the landscaping. Ken planted some ground cover and a few Karl Forester grass plants and the girls and I worked on the front yard all during the week - it was horticulture week at Icthus Academy. We planted tomato and strawberry plants in containers, weeded the yard, bought a hibiscus and a standing pot for it for the front yard and I got it planted today. Found a new place called Laguna Madre in Pilot Point that has cool Mexican import stuff for yards I really like. I want to get some more planters from there for the deck once we get a few more things taken care of. I ordered some caladium bulbs and cannas last week so those should be in here soon and I will get to start planting those. I will also be ordering a couple upright elephant ear plants. I am excited that the pool is starting to evolve and the yard is not just the pit any more. The spring weather is nice and I am enjoying the warm up so I can take advantage of the patio FINALLY!! Anyone want to come hang out??

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My weekend

was a little rough. I started out with a headache on Thursday and it got a little better Friday. Late that night Friday night it kicked in full force and was horrible. By Saturday I was in bed most of the day in extreme pain. As Sunday rolled around I was in the fetal position and trying to just be able to move as I could not hold my head up. I took a shower thinking it might make me feel better but I could barely hold myself up in the shower. I made it out and just fell to tears with the pain I was in. Ken asked me if I was going to the doctor on Monday and I told him I did not think I could possibly drive myself nor should I be driving in this state. I could not handle lights, or sounds at this point but no meds had been able to do ANYTHING and I was beyond my breaking point. Ken shuffled the kids over to our neighbors and they watched them while we made a trip to the ER. Once we got in the ER, they started an IV on me, gave me a shot of Benadryl, Regulyn, and Valium and I dozed for about 20 minutes. We were waiting for them to come take me for a CT scan. They asked me on a level of 1-10 where this headache rated 10 being the worst and I said a 10. I have a pretty high pain tolerance but this was out there! I wanted to rip the back side of my head off - If I could have physically done it, I might have! :) The shots brought things down to a 7 which was tolerable so I was a little better. The CT scan showed that I had a deep sinus inflammation in the middle part of the brain. I was showing no signs of sinus up front - no pain, was not stopped up, nada. I tell you this was the worst sinus thing I could ever imagine going through - do not want to do it again! They sent me home with a strong antibiotic for the sinus, a steroid which helps with the inflammation and headaches, and another migraine med that I have used before. I slept most of Monday while Ken stayed home with the kiddos and today I feel like a normal person again. Can't say I would want to go through that one again EVER!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A friend of mine

had a stroke yesterday. I cannot believe it! She is only 38 and has 2 girls close to the age of ours and we homeschool and go to church together. I went and saw her at the hospital today and God is already healing her! She needs prayers still, but she is already doing so much better and feels better. Her daughters were with her and had to call for help when she was having the stroke and were able to - thank goodness! What a good thing to be sure and teach your children....just in case! I have always run throught the what ifs with ours since we live far from town and since I have health issues of my own. I hope I never have to encounter this type of situation but I pray if I do that my kids will always be ready and able to help if needed. If you have kids, make sure yours are taught emergency skills as well!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I am trying to figure out some direction in my life these days. After dealing with the past year and a medical diagnosis that changed my life, I started looking at things differently. Somewhere along the way I became a soccer mom......but I will not ever drive a mini van! Kendra starts playing soccer for a Christian soccer association in a few weeks so that should be interesting. I started reading a book to help me better understand the path my church is on and has been taking. I have many questions, but I do not know where to turn with out seeming like I am up heaving everything in my path. My little one started a one day a weeek enrichment program for homeschoolers and she loves it. They will both be in it in the fall an that is going to be awesome! Fridays are getting to be pretty calm and peaceful around here with only one child here, what will it be like when they are both gone? They need something like this and I need a little break from them to keep us on the course of homeschooling. They have PE, Music, Spanish, Science, Art and Bible.....things we do not always get to, so that is fun for them as well as educational. On top of that I have been working 15 or so hours a week now from home with about 1 day on average in the office if I get the chance to go in. So as for direction, I am going in many right now! :)