Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sharps Disposal Part Deux

Ok, back when I first started taking my every-other-day injections, I was really bothered by the way I was told to dispose of my needles. read here A few weeks ago I was contacted by a gentleman from a company called Sharps Inc. when he came across my blog regarding the problematic disposal of said syringes. We had a nice conversation about the issue that plagues many patients that begin taking injectable medicines and he told me about the website and their product, a mail drop sharps disposal system that is medical waste regulated. This is something that is a product all patients should be offered through their insurance companies or the companies that provide the medication they are using. My meds come with a complete set up for use, and immediate disposal, but not long term disposal. Many states are not fully regulated in this field yet, which presents the problems I was faced with back when I started taking the shots. I know many others have come across the same issues and I hope this company can be of some relief to them - I know it has been for me! I know they are doing the RIGHT thing with this medical waste, and it is not ending up in a landfill where people can be affected/infected, where it will sit for many years to come as it is not biodegradable, and possibly end up in the hands of people looking for used needles to further their drug usage. I urge anyone who needs help with this matter to look into this company and ask your medical insurance company to do the same.

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