Friday, November 21, 2008

Aunt "Mc Margaret"

Death, It is inevitable right? We all hope it comes in our old age after many years of a wonderful life.....or something along those lines. We lost a family member this week, my hubby's Great Great Aunt Margaret.....who was 95 I think. She was such a neat lady and I just loved to talk to her....although I must confess we have been a bit wrapped up in our own lives for the past couple of years while she has been living in a nursing home. She will be laid to rest tomorrow and Ken will be overseeing the service in her honor. He is becoming versed at doing these type of things for the all started with playing trumpet for Poppa's funeral, then he did the service for Grandmother's funeral in march, and now Aunt Margaret's. I am saddened but I think because the last memories of her were funny comments she always made, it is so much easier to handle. She lived a long life, most of it was good I believe....albeit tough, I think she was a happy woman. She was loving and kind, and funny, witty and sharp!! She was a vibrant lady until she went to the nursing home.....and I do not know her from that point, sadly. For this, I will remain sad, but I know she is on to meet our Lord, and she had many people on this earth who loved and adored her! Farewell sweet lady!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


If you find my blog off of PLM, please leave me a comment and let me know.

I do not try to give any direction or ways to change your life or cures for MS, or Lyme. I write about my life. I gripe, I complain, I cry, I pray, probably complain some more and maybe tell a funny (well funny to me) story here and there. This is my is not always upbeat, it is not always positive or always PC, it is what it is when I put it down on the blog. Take it or leave it, I am a pretty straight forward person. I believe in God, and that there is a purpose for all of our lives. I am blessed to have a handful of really good friends and I consider them family. Once you make that status, it is hard to get out! :)

Friday, November 7, 2008


With the election over, many people have switched modes; Prayers now being for the new 'president elect'. As we go through personal transitions in life we often seek prayer or support in these transitions from friends and other people we know, of like minds. Often we lean on church members or small groups, or close friends for strength in tough times, but who do you lean on when you do not have those things in your life? I cannot imagine not having some one to turn to throughout my life during the rough times! Last night I heard of a woman who had learned to trust again recently from one of my best friends just ministering to her child and being there to serve when she needed that in her life. This brought me to tears.....mainly because I know how giving my friend is and that this is from her heart. I am brought to tears as I type just thinking about this again as I know she will probably be moving to another state in the next few months and that saddens me. I love her dearly, she is my sister as well as my friend and I will be lost with our her! I ask you pray for her because she needs this move for her family and it will be a blessing for them but pray for me as I will be seperated from a big piece of my life - my best friend! I love you my dear sweet sisterfriend Ginger (oh yeah, and my manfriend/brother Mark)! :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Blogging, Voting, and Headaches

Oh so here is my conversation in the car with the 6 year old the other day.....

6 YO: so mommy who are you going to vote for?
me: well, I still am not sure, who do you think I should vote for?
6 YO: I think you should vote for John Mc Cain, Barack Obama should not be president.
me: So why should Barack not be president?
6 YO: Well, he will "make" girls marry girls, and boys marry boys.
me: oh, well, not exactly.......but I think I am voting for John Mc Cain for sure. I went on to find out where she got this info and it was a rather funny story but probably only to me.

She did not really want any other details or questions answered about this situation though. (Good as I am not ready for that detailed talk yet) Days later she did say that if she married a girl she would have lots of kids, and I asked how that was and she said well, if 2 girls were married, both would have babies when they were old enough and they would have lots of babies. Sex, obviously not discussed yet....she (innocently) thinks that kissing begets babies......well not exactly I said. I told her God's plan was for a man and woman to be married and then they would have babies after they were married. (no further questions here either)

Anyway, I am just sitting here listening to the election results, and my headache is intensifying so I thought I would blog a little...... :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Weakened Immune Systems

I think having a weakened immune system is one of the most unfun things to deal with, especially when you have kids, or work with kids. I had bronchitis 3 times in the first 6 months of the year, which hung on the last time for more than 2 months. It was not fun!! I have been pretty lucky since, not to catch anything too serious considering how much I am around kids......and loving on babies at church. I feel like I am getting sick now though. My 6 year old had a viral infection last week and ran a fever for a few days. I made sure not to share anything with her for the largest part of it, but I think I thought she was really throught it all...and got careless. Hopefully I am just run down as we had a very busy week and weekend running around to parties and doing yard work. It does not help that I did a number on my back just bending over wrong to bathe the kids and then aggravated itmore doing the yard work. Som he I sit, trying to get some things done that can't wait another day and trying NOT to be sick, and trying to nurse the back as well. But the parties were fun, and I have a flower bed of pretty flowers...and part of the yard around the pool is done........