Friday, September 26, 2008

Update on LLMD visit

Well, today went well. I have been feeling pretty good here lately so there was that to report to him. We looked at my health survey and thought it looked pretty decent, better than the last time I was in his office. He is happy with the results of my Neuropsych eval and thought that was good to have. We are going to check my CD 57 levels to determine on-going antibiotic treatment. He said if the levels are really good and up there (in the 100-200 range) that he will let me stop all treatment. This is great news!! I have to say that I think most of my symptoms have been MS related lately and not really LD (or coinfections). I have put on 13 lbs since I was in there last and he thinks it is Lyrica causing this as I started it about 2 months ago as well. He wants me to talk to the neuro about switching to something else as it has many side effects (I was not aware of) and that might take care of the other small issues I have been dealing with. I do have a wheeze that I have been dealing with since February, and I thought it was from the 3 bouts of bronchitis I had in 2 months but he thinks it is reactionary to possible allergies. I do notice it is aggrevated on heavy ozone days or when I am outside alot running errands or in and out of the car. I had to make an appointment with the GP to see him next week and get this looked into.

All in all, today was a good appoinment. I did get rather sick this afternoon - think it was a full blown migraine that came on suddenly and made me so sick to my stomach and head pounding, eyes throbbing......not fun. I came home and crawled into bed from 2-5pm and still feel a little "off".

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Todd and Lori said...

I am sorry for ALL you are going through as well! And the thing that amazes me the most, is the way you encourage everyone else (despite the battle you yourself are fighting). Thank you!!!

You are my 'Barnabas!'
Lori H.