Sunday, September 21, 2008

Living with.....

a disease is so surreal at times. I have moments of clarity then I have moments of sheer fatigue that I (almost) cannot function through. Luckily here lately I have been feeling pretty good - thank GOD!! I just (yesterday) read about a little girl from my home town that is the daughter of someone I went to school with and has passed away. She was 11 years old and has been fighting cancer since she was born practically. I cannot imagine what her family is feeling or going through. I hurt for them, but know that I cannot console them in anyway, but I will say a prayer for them. I have mentioned before about the friends I have that are dealing with sick children - again, I ask you to pray for them, even if you do not know their names. God knows and will hear you if you ask him to!!

I will be saying an extra prayer for all of my friends, and their sick children tonight - and for the newly wed couple Ken married today, Emily & Houston. May the Lord be with you all!!

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Tana Free said...

Thank you so much for the prayers and encouragement. I do the same for you almost everyday. You are proof that life doesn't just life goes on, it goes beautifully and gracefully with faith to spare. Keep up the good work. You make God smile. Love, the Omaha girls, Tana and Kensley