Friday, September 26, 2008


I have an appointment today with the LLMD. I do not know which direction we will be going in next. I have been experiencing less symptoms in the past month or two which has been nice. I have upped my antidepressant (with his approval) as I felt I needed it - we have been adjusting the dosage for a while. I am sure I will have more blood work done today as it is time for a liver function check and Thyroid level test. I feel like I may need to up the thyroid meds as I do not feel there is much going on with that.....guess the blood work will tell. Pray for me as I feel a bit like I am on an emotional roller coaster this week.

I have my follow up with the neuro on Oct. 9th, I am looking forward to that visit as I have not heard anything about the last round of MRI's yet. Hopefully that means something good.

The pool is moving along. We now have a big concrete hole in the backyard and they may start prettying it up today or over the weekend. Just in time for a cold front if I heard the weather man right last least I will be able to sit out and enjoy the patio some before our small but usually icy winter gets here

Pray for Ken (hubby) if you feel led, for peace and patience. These financial issues in the banks are really worrying him as he is the sole provider for us. Pray for Tana and family as they begin planning for a BIG adjustment in bringing home a very sick baby. Pray for my best friend's family as they face a big job decision and possible move - (I hope they can stay here, but pray for what is best for their family).

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