Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Not feeling so good......

since Sunday. It is that time of year and my feeble immune system is just hit hard with temperature changes and handling loads of babies in the nursery at church. I love "loving" on those little ones, since I am NOT having any more, but then I tend to pay for it later! I have been running fever since Sunday afternoon and felt like I was getting a full blown respiratory infection. So far, the fever is lingering but I have not really gotten "sick". My system is fighting something off....today I have felt kinda puny all day and feel a migraine setting in......echhhh!

The pool is finally moving along. The guys are here today and the tile edging is complete. They will start the coping (top edge of the pool) soon. The electrician is finishing up his part in hooking up the lighting and the pool equipment. Tomorrow the decking people should be here to get my patio done!! I am excited about this as I have had this house for 5 years and never had real patio furniture until last month (bought on clearance!!) and it has been sitting in the garage all this time begging to be used on some of these cool beautiful nights!! I cannot wait!! I could possibly be sitting out under the stars on Friday or Saturday - THIS WEEK!!!

Pray for my sweet friends, Tana & Lori as they are dealing with sick kids and very worn out and down!! Pray for peace, strength and rest for the, plus the improvment of the health of the kiddos! Pray for my best friends as they are still looking for a job and direction in which the family should go....(selfishly) I hope no where!!

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