Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A friend of mine

had a stroke yesterday. I cannot believe it! She is only 38 and has 2 girls close to the age of ours and we homeschool and go to church together. I went and saw her at the hospital today and God is already healing her! She needs prayers still, but she is already doing so much better and feels better. Her daughters were with her and had to call for help when she was having the stroke and were able to - thank goodness! What a good thing to be sure and teach your children....just in case! I have always run throught the what ifs with ours since we live far from town and since I have health issues of my own. I hope I never have to encounter this type of situation but I pray if I do that my kids will always be ready and able to help if needed. If you have kids, make sure yours are taught emergency skills as well!

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