Sunday, March 22, 2009

Been slacking on the blog...

lately but who notices? :) I have been pretty busy with my new job and trying to keep up with homeschooling the girls as well. We have all been sick on top of that and trying to do things around the house and still have a life as well. Really, that all is life, right?

Well, this weekend we tackled the beast of a backyard with the dog run finally getting taken care of! Yea!! I talked Ken in to the gate and he made it happen. I now have control over the backyard again and the dog is not the winner - I am! We moved stuff around and started working on the landscaping. Ken planted some ground cover and a few Karl Forester grass plants and the girls and I worked on the front yard all during the week - it was horticulture week at Icthus Academy. We planted tomato and strawberry plants in containers, weeded the yard, bought a hibiscus and a standing pot for it for the front yard and I got it planted today. Found a new place called Laguna Madre in Pilot Point that has cool Mexican import stuff for yards I really like. I want to get some more planters from there for the deck once we get a few more things taken care of. I ordered some caladium bulbs and cannas last week so those should be in here soon and I will get to start planting those. I will also be ordering a couple upright elephant ear plants. I am excited that the pool is starting to evolve and the yard is not just the pit any more. The spring weather is nice and I am enjoying the warm up so I can take advantage of the patio FINALLY!! Anyone want to come hang out??

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