Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My weekend

was a little rough. I started out with a headache on Thursday and it got a little better Friday. Late that night Friday night it kicked in full force and was horrible. By Saturday I was in bed most of the day in extreme pain. As Sunday rolled around I was in the fetal position and trying to just be able to move as I could not hold my head up. I took a shower thinking it might make me feel better but I could barely hold myself up in the shower. I made it out and just fell to tears with the pain I was in. Ken asked me if I was going to the doctor on Monday and I told him I did not think I could possibly drive myself nor should I be driving in this state. I could not handle lights, or sounds at this point but no meds had been able to do ANYTHING and I was beyond my breaking point. Ken shuffled the kids over to our neighbors and they watched them while we made a trip to the ER. Once we got in the ER, they started an IV on me, gave me a shot of Benadryl, Regulyn, and Valium and I dozed for about 20 minutes. We were waiting for them to come take me for a CT scan. They asked me on a level of 1-10 where this headache rated 10 being the worst and I said a 10. I have a pretty high pain tolerance but this was out there! I wanted to rip the back side of my head off - If I could have physically done it, I might have! :) The shots brought things down to a 7 which was tolerable so I was a little better. The CT scan showed that I had a deep sinus inflammation in the middle part of the brain. I was showing no signs of sinus up front - no pain, was not stopped up, nada. I tell you this was the worst sinus thing I could ever imagine going through - do not want to do it again! They sent me home with a strong antibiotic for the sinus, a steroid which helps with the inflammation and headaches, and another migraine med that I have used before. I slept most of Monday while Ken stayed home with the kiddos and today I feel like a normal person again. Can't say I would want to go through that one again EVER!!

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