Sunday, March 1, 2009


I am trying to figure out some direction in my life these days. After dealing with the past year and a medical diagnosis that changed my life, I started looking at things differently. Somewhere along the way I became a soccer mom......but I will not ever drive a mini van! Kendra starts playing soccer for a Christian soccer association in a few weeks so that should be interesting. I started reading a book to help me better understand the path my church is on and has been taking. I have many questions, but I do not know where to turn with out seeming like I am up heaving everything in my path. My little one started a one day a weeek enrichment program for homeschoolers and she loves it. They will both be in it in the fall an that is going to be awesome! Fridays are getting to be pretty calm and peaceful around here with only one child here, what will it be like when they are both gone? They need something like this and I need a little break from them to keep us on the course of homeschooling. They have PE, Music, Spanish, Science, Art and Bible.....things we do not always get to, so that is fun for them as well as educational. On top of that I have been working 15 or so hours a week now from home with about 1 day on average in the office if I get the chance to go in. So as for direction, I am going in many right now! :)

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