Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Blogging, Voting, and Headaches

Oh so here is my conversation in the car with the 6 year old the other day.....

6 YO: so mommy who are you going to vote for?
me: well, I still am not sure, who do you think I should vote for?
6 YO: I think you should vote for John Mc Cain, Barack Obama should not be president.
me: So why should Barack not be president?
6 YO: Well, he will "make" girls marry girls, and boys marry boys.
me: oh, well, not exactly.......but I think I am voting for John Mc Cain for sure. I went on to find out where she got this info and it was a rather funny story but probably only to me.

She did not really want any other details or questions answered about this situation though. (Good as I am not ready for that detailed talk yet) Days later she did say that if she married a girl she would have lots of kids, and I asked how that was and she said well, if 2 girls were married, both would have babies when they were old enough and they would have lots of babies. Sex, obviously not discussed yet....she (innocently) thinks that kissing begets babies......well not exactly I said. I told her God's plan was for a man and woman to be married and then they would have babies after they were married. (no further questions here either)

Anyway, I am just sitting here listening to the election results, and my headache is intensifying so I thought I would blog a little...... :)

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