Friday, November 21, 2008

Aunt "Mc Margaret"

Death, It is inevitable right? We all hope it comes in our old age after many years of a wonderful life.....or something along those lines. We lost a family member this week, my hubby's Great Great Aunt Margaret.....who was 95 I think. She was such a neat lady and I just loved to talk to her....although I must confess we have been a bit wrapped up in our own lives for the past couple of years while she has been living in a nursing home. She will be laid to rest tomorrow and Ken will be overseeing the service in her honor. He is becoming versed at doing these type of things for the all started with playing trumpet for Poppa's funeral, then he did the service for Grandmother's funeral in march, and now Aunt Margaret's. I am saddened but I think because the last memories of her were funny comments she always made, it is so much easier to handle. She lived a long life, most of it was good I believe....albeit tough, I think she was a happy woman. She was loving and kind, and funny, witty and sharp!! She was a vibrant lady until she went to the nursing home.....and I do not know her from that point, sadly. For this, I will remain sad, but I know she is on to meet our Lord, and she had many people on this earth who loved and adored her! Farewell sweet lady!

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