Monday, March 8, 2010

Gearing up....

for a busy Spring. We are about to head for a cruise!! Yea!! I cannot wait. We have not had a family trip in a while so it should be a good time. Also it is finally starting to warm up some around here and we are able to get out of the house a little bit. Looking forward to some field trips for the girls for school and we will all be glad when pool season is back in swing this year!

Today I have been dealing with a major headache. I hav experienced a few lately and I am not sure if it is the weather or that I finally started back on IVIG and my body is just not used to the meds since I had been off them for a little while. I do not like having headaches, it makes it hard to even look at the computer screen which really messes with my Facebook time as well as my work, and some homeschool stuff we need to do at times. Priorities, right?

The new infusion center is not my most favorite place in the world. The are understaffed and slow. The place is one giant room with many chairs in it for everyone to sit around and stare at each other for hours. Totally not my cup of tea. I miss my old place where I was generally in a private room and had to only deal with the ocassional nurse. I do appreciate my headphones and wireless internet - and working from wireless connections. I can immerse myself in hours of that or watch TV online and not be bothered by anyone really. Usually I work as I can do lots of this while there, and get paid while paying the docs. It really is no where near an even trade I tell ya!

Well if you are reading this and want to check out another MSer's blog that has a very different perspective then I do, check out He has somepretty interesting stuff on his site!

Oh Yeah, Ride for My Bride 2010 is around the corner..... if you feel led to donate to my hubby for this year's Bike MS 150 Frisco to Ft. Worth, please click the link above and send a little cash his way! He is trying to obtain a leader's jersey this year so every dollar really helps!

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