Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My neuro visit today....

So I went to the good old neuro for a follow up today and as most times it was a long wait. It was a quick visit and we covered lots of info rapidly. My WBC & RBC are still low, I am pretty much anemic at this point for some reason. I have to folow up with the Hematologist again to see what he thinks is going on. My B12 levels are low....way she started me on a 4 week series of shots to see if that would help. We decided for now I will stay on IVIG as I have been and keep watching the blood counts monthly.

My ANA levels are still high so she wants me to see a Rheumatologist [again] even though I have been to several over the years and it has seemed to be a waste of time really. I am not totally on board with the idea but I guess I will go for the sake of getting her to stop bothering me about it. At least this way, I can say there, I saw one.

I have had a headache for 3 days straight now - no fun I can tell ya that much! I am not sure where this one is coming from either, but there is nothing that is touching it. She gave me a steroid prescription today so hopefully that will help.....I have to feel well, the cruise is around the corner!!

Ken was reading something the other night that the Wheelchair Kamikaze had written and it touched a little on Lyme Disease. I have not really mentioned much about LD lately on my own dealings, but I have been discussing it on the flip side in Facebook and email world with several people who have found me through this blog in the past few months. It {what Ken was reading} made me wonder, as every once in a while it comes full circle, LD TO MS, and makes me start thinking about the possiblities once again of WHAT disease(s) DO I HAVE? Many people think that MS is linked to an infection like B. Bergdorferi (spirochete) going untreated longterm thus causing the issues many of us deal with later in life, and are eventually diagnosed with MS. Some people are never diagnosed with LD, but could it be that they were never tested correctly? It may be that we will never know....AND it may be a wild and weird coincidence. I have both diseases, unfortunately, but I deal with the day as it comes for the most part. I am blessed - and I know things could be worse, even if they could be better!

Well, I got the MRV back and I am not sure what it shows. I do not think there is enough info on it for my doc that was interested in looking into this further. I have put my name in for another study in Buffalo to see if I can be looked at there. Maybe it will get things moving....I am interested to see if there is any weight inthe CCSVI theory on my part for MS. Here is one of the scans.....

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