Sunday, February 14, 2010


OK, so this week should be pretty interesting for my love and myself. We are going to attempt a 7 day diet/cleanse that is pretty much all fruits and veggies. Check this out.....GM Diet. I do not think I will have too much of a problem with it, I almost did the same thing after my Gallbladder was removed just because it was all I felt like eating. We know someone who did this and they lost 18 pounds and have kept it off!! I would like to lose about 10 at least, as a boost, We are getting back to our workout this week after being sick all of last week as well. If all goes well, I may do this once more before we leave for our cruise in March. I will try to keep up on the blog daily to track my progress. I just ordered a new dress for the cruise.......hopefully this will help how it looks when it comes in! :)

I am off to go shopping for loads of produce today as our house is bare.....gotta make some wonder soup as well. Go veggies!!!

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