Monday, February 8, 2010

February 2010

is off to a wunnerful start! I have gotten sick.......a cold has finally done it. I have pretty much been WELL, not ill, without sickness, sans illness,.......HEALTHY......until now since last June when I started doing my IVIG treatments. This was great! It seemed like every time I turned around I was getting sick from something prior to that, and it would take forever for me to shake whatever it was. Finally the IVIG gave me that boost I needed and I got over the immunity issues....until New Years rolled around. Happy New Year to insurance and difficult to deal with companies cause issues in continuity of treatment [when there should be no issues]. So I have been without my IVIG treatment, that I would normally receive every 2 weeks, since December now. This is what has contributed to me getting sick. I was scheduled to start back up with a new infusion center tomorrow but due to getting sick, I have had to put off this treatment until Friday. I hope everything works out fine with this new infusion center and there are no problems going forward.

Tomorrow I also have an MRV scheduled in Lewisville. This is in hopes to find out something relating to CCSVI (or not) and maybe get an idea if this is something worth looking into anymore or being done with altogether. Right now I am still on the list for the study in Buffalo but those people are so backed up, who knows when it will ever come around if it even does.

My bloodwork is still all over the place. My white blood cells are still low......and I have limited my meds to the bare essentials to see what that will do, if anything. I am beginning to think this is not related to the meds.....but I am not sure. I will have a new set of labs drawn right before the treatment this week and we will see how things look from there.

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carol said...

good luck w/ your treatments. hope the MRV points to treatment options for you.