Sunday, January 24, 2010

Upcoming Neuro visit this week.....

and I have loads of questions for her! She may not be very happy with me either! I have not been able to receive my IVIG treatment but I have found out it is their fault and nothing much I can do about it. They accept my insurance, but are not willing to accept the negociated rates on the treatments. What is that all about?? She is the one who was pushing this treatment. I don't know if I want to go back on it now.....I think I have been feeling pretty good since I have not been on it, but I may just want to do it once a month instead of 2 times a month like they had me on it before if I do go back on it. I still have not been on the Betaseron since around Christmas. I had bloodwork drawn last Friday so I will see this next week what my labs look like being on the minimal meds I have been on for the last month. I have a feeling things are going to look pretty decent.

I am also planning on asking her about getting an MRV done on me since that is about the only test I have yet to have done and I am not hearing anything from the vascualr doctor at this point. i had really hoped he would be the one to follow though on this for me. I really like him and think he would be a great doctor to do work with CCSVI patients.

I think I may have cracked my tailbone yesterday at a skating party. I am in pain and think that will be mylast attempt to skate. I am way to old and uncoordinated to do that like a teenager any more! My rear end HURTS!! I also tried to take out my left knee cap and bruised it up pretty well falling straight on it. It is a little swollen today.....hopefully I can get back to my treadmill walking tomorrow without any issues!

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