Monday, January 18, 2010

To treat or not to treat.....

is that the question?? I have been off all of my MS treatments since 2009....sounds like a long time, but only since the end of December. I have not started taking my shots again, and I have not been back to IVIG due to issues with insurance. I reduced my meds in all and I only only taking meds to avoid my migraines, those that keep me sane, and the thyroid meds. I have actually NOT had a headache and I have felt pretty decent! I have only experienced a little fatigue but that is almost always there. I did just start trying to go to the gym and walk the treadmill every day (well 5 days a week at least) and so far I have increased my distance by 1/4 mile a day and added a little more speed and incline to the workout. I did 2 miles today....not bad since I have done NOTHING as far as working out in the past year or so.

We are going on a cruise in March - I am ready as we are going to Roatan, Honduras. I have been wanting to go there and we finally booked! WOOOO HOOOO!!! We did not get to really do a vacation this past year as I had the 2 surgeries and it was just a lot going on with the IVIG starting too. I am ready to go - hopefully it will be a great family trip!

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