Tuesday, January 20, 2009

*******Why yes, ..............Size Does Matter!!*******

Recently Betaseron changed the gauge needle it used for the injection I have to take every other day. The size became smaller and more like a needle that diabetics use when giving multiple shots daily. It is a very small and short needle and really is much different than the one in the old Beta set up. I used the first box from the shipment of the new needles as I was excited to check them out, and I still had one box left from the old sized needles. Last week I decided I needed to go ahead and start using the old box of needles to get them used up and out of the way before they expired and so forth. I will be glad when those needles are gone. You can see and feel the difference when giving the shot as well as see and feel the marks left after the shot. I am so ready to get through these needles so I can go back on the smaller gauged needles. I personally think that size does matter when it come to dealing with certain things, like needles, diamonds, and winning lottery tickets!! I tend to bruise easy and with the larger needle, I end up with a huge and somewhat painful reddish purple welt that lasts sometimes up to two weeks. I hardly notice the marks left from the new sized needles, a little pinkish, but not painful and no real bruising to speak of like the ones previously mentioned. It is a much appreciated improvement!! Thanks Betaseron!



So glad for you that the smaller needles make such a huge difference. I believe that the next shipment I receive of Copaxone is also supposed to have smaller needles. We'll see if it makes as much of a difference. :)

Heather said...

Melissa I cannot BELIEVE what you have to go through for your medical care. You are a stronger woman then me, for sure.