Sunday, January 18, 2009

Complete Book Review Coming

I am always interested in the different ways people have of dealing with chronic lyme as both my husband and I were diagnosed back in 2004-2005. Last week I was approached through my blog by a fellow Lymie (Bryan Rosner) whom I have come across on You Tube and over the net many places over the past couple of years about reading his newest Lyme book. I told him I would read it and review it on my blogsite once I was done. I am giving it a little "preview" now I guess. The book is not only about medical treatment, but also alternative therapies and the combination of the two. I have started looking it over and it is an interesting format for the reader, although I have not gotten into the meat of it yet, I identify with his experiences with searching for treatment and dealing with doctors who are not knowledgable about Lyme Disease. I will add more as I get further into the book so check back if you want more info. If you are interested in looking into this book for yourself, it is called "The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments" by Bryan Rosner and you can find it here :

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