Monday, December 15, 2008

A New Chase?

So the blood work I spoke of in my last post came back Ok for the most part. My white blood cell count is has been for a few months now, since August. The neuro wants me to follow up with the PCP so I will be going in to see him tomorrow. Low white blood cells can mean a host of things and some of them are not to pleasant to think about so I will just wait and see what happens tomorrow I guess. I have looked into some of my meds to see if that could be a cause and so far I have not found any. MS is a possible one really knows for sure. Sometimes I feel like the medical issues will never stop. I guess that is the life of did this happen? I have a friend with a young baby who was born with serious ID problems and I feel so bad for him as I know what I have gone through recently, and I cannot imagine growing up with constant illness, and having to worry about everything you come in contact with, or everyone. I pray he grows out of it and can have a normal life and can play hard with all the other kids with no worries one day!! As for me, another day will bring more tests I am sure, more questions and more stuff to ponder and investigate as I do. Sometimes the internet is my friend, and sometimes it is a scary place!! :)

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Heather said...

Melissa, I am so sorry. LIFE SUCKS! Jesus needs to hop on His cloud and come by and pick us all up. I'm kinda way done with the world for today. SO I will pretend I am in Cabo San Lucas or something, in the sunshine and perhaps it will lift my mood. Maybe I can con the girls into making sugar cookies!!!!

Love ya girl. You amaze me.