Wednesday, December 17, 2008

So no chase.....unless the neuro thinks I need to....

I saw my PCP today and he looked over my blood work (some going back to 2004) and did not think my low white blood cell count was anything to be too concerned about. He said that all of my other counts were at good ratios and nothing was out of whack in comparison - so he did not want to start messing around with anything. He pulled out his 4 inch think book of medical info and and showed me a study where Betaseron (my MS drug) lowered patients white blood cell counts by 15% or so. I could not find that info on the web before the appointment but I wondered if it was the meds doing it - looks like it could be. He checked me out for signs of any other issues like lymph nodes being swollen and talked about the other meds I am taking, but did not seem to think anything else would be the culprit. He told me the neuro probably would not want to go beyond this, but if she did want to send me to a hematologist, he could only see the next step being a bone marrow test. No thank signs of anything else at this point right now, no need for bone marrow testing for me. He said it would just be more pain for me than worth in his opinion. I have to is it Christmas yet??

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