Monday, December 1, 2008

Feeling Really Good

I have been feeling really good lately. I saw the LLMD last week, and I have lost some of the weight I put on with the Lyrica....about 6 pounds since last month when I was in there to see him....not bad with Halloween in there and the hubby making cakes every other day around here. (he is into cake decorating now so we are the testers). I have had more energy, and been able to scale back on the meds which I am all for. I pretty much stopped taking all the supplements....I was not really seeing much of a difference with them, and now without them either. I am now only on my shot for MS, my Lipitor for cholesterol, my happy pills 'cuz no one wants me without those, Topamax for the headaches, and a sleeping pill on occasion. I switched taking my shot to morning time instead of before bed time as I was having super bad horrible insomnia on those shot nights.....anxiety I guess. Now it is like a little extra juice for running around on those days I take it in the am. Most of my symptoms from the Lyme have gone away, as well as most of the things I was experiencing from the MS (which many can overlap). I still have some tingling and numbness in the legs (mainly the left one) when I overdo it, sometimes I will have the odd tingling in the lower half of the face at weird and random times, headaches pop in and out (but are mostly under control with meds), I have not had any weakness issues like falling or standing problems in a while (thank God) and for the most part I have had a pretty high energy level - much more than I had back over the summer for sure! All in all, I have seen a big improvement in the past few months which has been a blessing. Hopefully I will stay at this level or continue to improve....I know it can go the other way, but I just try not to think about the possibilities or what ifs.....I know God will take care of it all no matter which way it goes!

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