Thursday, October 30, 2008

Birthday fun!

Today is my 34th birthday. I had a Halloween party with 18 kids and 7 or so other moms there and we had fun...the kids played a few games, ate way to much junk and we did a few crafty things. My wonderful friend Ginger baked me a cake that was awesome - thanks Ging!! All in all a nice day. I am about to go to dinner on a date with my hubby to Jinbeh and Nanna Betty is watching the kiddos for us - thanks Betty!! She is so awesome!!

I have been experiencing a new weird little symptom for some strange nose and top lip started tingling like when you come out of the dentist and the numbness is going away. Well, this has happened a few times on and off then goes it has "spread" and it pretty much the whole inner part of my face including my apples of my cheeks, nose, upper/lower lip, inner eye/bridge of nose and the mid forehead. Weird stuff I tell ya!! We will see how long this one stays around!


Heather said...

I want to see a pic of that cake!

Happy happy birthday!

Sarah Berkey said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you had fun on your date!