Thursday, October 23, 2008

Been a few weeks....

since I last posted. I have been taking Topamax for my headaches and it seems to be working fine. I also remember the name of that other drug, Treximet, but I do not think it is for me. I took it once I felt a headache coming on and it seemed to make it more painful! That was not a fun day!! We were at my nephew's birthday party and had toleave early as I was just no good that day - probably should have stayed home but the kids were sooooo excited as it was a costume party and they got to wear their Halloween costumes for the first time. I should just go back to Migrin/Midrin, as it was cheap and I know it worked! Back to Topamax, one of the wonderful side effects of it is that some people may experience that the taste of carbonated beverages tend to go flat. I love my Diet was like my coffee!! It now tastes like Diet Pepsi with lime, which to me has always tasted flat. So now to get some caffeine in me, I have gone back to a little morning coffee with some Splenda and Fat Free flavored creamer. I guess this will have to do since I would rather not have the headaches all the time. Unfortunately it also has the same effect on frost adult carbonated beverages as well. Go figure right????

It is gearing up for our busy time of year; from Thanksgiving on we often break from our normal school schedule and do field trips and fun stuff until the first of the year. It seems this is all starting a little earlier this year.....I am going to have to play it by ear though. I actually have a full cirriculum this year where as is the past I have always kind of done mmy own hodge podge thing. The next few weeks are really busy with parties and loaads of running around to do!! I love the fall!

The pool construction MIGHT come to an end this week. We began this adventure in August, yes, August; when we thought we would be able to swim in a pool for a while yet, since we live in Texas (right? nope this year we will actually have a Fall and no Indian Summer)......well, mishap after misunderstanding, after gaff, after @#!$ (enter explicative here) another......and mismanagement of this whole project by said pool company and we are still waiting on this whole process to be finished. Today the decking was torn out to be replaced as the first round was done incorrectly and poorly (I guess that was assumed huh?) so tomorrow they will be out to repour the concrete and we will see how that goes. I really wished I spoke and understood more Spanish. So much for those 6 years in elementary school I had to be in Spanish classes.

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