Sunday, July 20, 2008

2 weeks and 2.....

Falls for me. UGGGHHHHHHH - what is next????????

This time I was at my mom's house eating dinner (mom, hubby and stepdad sitting were there). I was getting up to go into the kitchen, and the left foot (I thought was going the right way) was not. Some how I tried to walk on the top side of my left foot or something like that and the right foot kept coming as I was standing up and the chair slide out from under me. The bar we were eating at caught me, thank goodness, or I would have been flat out on my face sprawed out on the kitchen floor!!

My legs seem to not be getting all the messages from above when I try to get out of chairs for some reason. I think my lower half has got a short in the wiring from the upper half.....this is getting frustrating. I think I may have broken my little toe on the left foot and bruised the rest of the foot.

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Julie Jennings said...

Yikes Melissa! What a scary thing to have happen to you!! :(

Was this the same leg that didn't want to work at the swimming pool?

That's enough drama for the week... hopefully you can rest now and have some uneventful days - you deserve it!!!

Love Ya Bunches!!! ~ J