Monday, July 21, 2008

EEG Complete

I went and had the EEG done this morning. What a strange little test that is!! She hooked 23 electrodes up to my head after scrubbing the 23 spots with liquid sand paper. Then I had to lay on the bed and the test started. First she had me close my eyes and lay there for a minute, then she asked a couple of easy questions, then she flashed a strobe light at my eyes (while they are closed) for about 3 minutes. It was strange because you "see" red and green colors and some weird patterns caused by the strobing whinle you eyes are closed. Next she had me breathe rapidly to hyperventilate as she monitored my brain and heart. Then she has me relax for 10 minutes as it read the brain waves, aksed me a few simple questions again, and then the test was done. I will not know anything on this test until I go to the neuro on the 14th.


Anonymous said...

Hi there. I've been fighting lyme too for many years. I was wondering if you've tried magnesium supplementation along with you core treatment routine. (Magnesium taurinate, malate, citrate) I use about 1-2 capsules at 500+mg each 3-5 times a day via direction from my LLMD. It is harmless and the lyme spirochetes do not do well with it at all, so it helps alleviate lyme symptoms and when taken daily.

I also use the sea salt & vitamin c protocol which has been really great help to me. People worry that it can have effects on kidneys, but with adequate water intake daily, it is a good thing for us lyme fighters.

Hope you had a good lyme day today! Drop me a line on my blog anytime :).

Melissa Ballard said...

I do use MagTabs and know they work well for stiffness - has helped my back quite a bit. Doind AB's for LD now and a million other drugs to boot!! Thanks for reading!