Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Should it be the MSnews now?

I have started treatment for the MS now. I gave myself my first injection of Acthar gel today and it was not as bad as the anticipation. I am fairly well educated in the medical field (I watch ER, Gray's, and many TLC & Discovery Health shows) and so I figured I would have no problem doing this myself. Ok, well I tried to get training and it was just not going at the speed I wanted it taken care of, so I was told over the phone how to do it by the prescribing Dr.'s nurse. I had also already watched a video about subcutaneous injections for Betaseron, which I will be starting soon, and felt pretty comfortable with it. It actually was not bad. I did it in the thigh and did not even flinch. The kids watched me do it from across the room (after we had needle education 101) and then I just did it. I have a pretty high pain tolerance but usually CAN NOT watch even when they draw my blood so this was a pretty pleasant far as self injections can be I guess. :)

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