Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day 2 with Acthar Gel

I did my 2nd injection of Acthar gel today and it burned a little. I did it in the left thigh today and that one is never numb so it was a little more painful, but still nothing too severe. 5 more shots to go and this treatment will be done.

I have had a pretty busy day and I have felt very good for most of it. I am getting a little tired right now and may need a short nap soon. All in all though the past 2 days have been good ones!!

I should get the Betaseron in the mail tomorrow and when the nurse comes to train me on it, I will get started on that every other day.

I have another neuro appointment with a new doctor on the 26th and if it goes well, I think I will switch to her practice. I need someone that will listen and not be wishywashy either.



Hi Melissa (Lisa from PLM) - I was just thumbing through your old posts here.

Curious. Why did you use Acthar Gel instead of Solumedrol?

How many vials did it take? Did you realize that they cost more than $23,000 each wholesale?

Also, I'm not receiving your new posts. Do you have a feed set up?

I'd like to get your new stuff in my Google Reader, especially since I'm 'following' you.

And, maybe consider adding the Archive feature to your sidebar.

OK, that's enough pestering you. Thanks.

Melissa Ballard said...

Hey Lisa....Sent you an email.