Sunday, May 25, 2008

That costs how much???

Well, it has been an expensive year so far. By the end of January I had already cleared my $500 deductible with the rheumatologist, and he did nothing for me but give me an NSAID (Mobic) that did nada for me and took a bunch of xrays that showed very little. (This was prior to me figuring out that mybe I was in a serious Lyme relapse.) He ran over $1000 of blood tests and told me eveything I had told him already.......go figure.

So, I go to the OB for a regular check up(on meds) and he gets into the Lyme stuff asking how I have been, and that is where this all started....... Boom, he says go get an MRI, it has been a few years. That was $300...the neuro follow up was $100, the meds from the OB were over $100 (for one month) plus all the supplements, which cost a bundle($$???), then 2 more MRI's and the spinal that were $200, and then the Igenex bill came(testing for co-infections)........$630. Yep, that one was straight outta our pockets, as Igenex is not on insurance. The poor Mastercard has taken a beating the past couple of months.

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