Monday, May 26, 2008

Day 5......

Happy Memorial Day to those who are and have served in the services first of all!!

And on to the 5th day of spinal headache hell. I can't sit up for very long, as it starts to throb and feels like a freigh train's acomin'. It hurts my head to cough (and I still have congestion from the dang bronchitis), it hurts to bend over or lean in any direction, and to put any pressure like going to the bathroom. lifting myself out of the chair or off the couch, even sitting hurts trying to lower myself into a chair. I am afraid when I call tomorrow and talk to the Neuro, he is going to want me to go in and have a blood patch done. I do not want to do it because the cost, but life sucks when all you can do is sleep or lay down flat, especially when I have 2 small kids and homeschool them!!

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Linsey said...

Man, I had no idea about your health. When did all of this start? anyways, I am glad you have a blog. I will check back often. Check out mine if you have time. If I can help you are bring you guys dinner one night let me know. Do you want manicotti on Tuesday?