Sunday, May 25, 2008

Day 4 of Pain....uggghhhh!!

Well, I have still got that horrid spinal headache. I am on day 4, since Thursday and it is vicious. I was in church this morning and was almost brought to tears, and no it was not that moving of a service, just that painful of a headache. I was even getting a little lightheaded feeling from the intense pressure and was kinda worried I would not be able to drive. I was lucky to be just around the corner from the house though. When I came home, i fed the kids quickly and laid on the couch. Of course this helps, then I zonked out for 2.5 hours (Ken had taken the kids to Oklahoma), but it really needs to stop. I forced myself up to go to the store, we needed groceries and I had to do it when the kids were gone becuase of this headache. I made it through, and now I am back home, laying on the couch again.

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Julie J. said...

Yikes Mel!!!
Headaches are bad enough, but a spinal one sounds excruciating!!
We are praying for you and hoping for a good LD Dr. to come your way. Let me know when you get the test results back. Thinking of you!!! - Julie