Saturday, May 10, 2008

New lab results in today.....

While at the homeschool book fair today, I received a call from my doctor. Yes, he actually follows up on the weekends.....and he gave me some new lab results from last week. I am testing positive for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever ( which I would have never been looking for....not like I was looking for Lyme either really. It is no wonder I have not felt good for so long......I have been invaded by tick borne, I do not know!!!

Anyway, I am already on Doxy for the Lyme treatment so hopefully it will resolve the RMSF. The doctor also told me I have some other micro-organism that attaches to the cell wall...seems Doxy is good treatment for that as well. I will have to check into the exact name of that on Monday. He said it is normally not too big of a thing for regular people, but with Lyme and auto-immune problems, it is not so good. Great, something else to worry about.........well, I am still breathing right?? :)

UPDATE: May 12th

I found out the other issue I have is Mycoplasma.

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