Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Igenex Results

Well, Dear LLMD (Lymes Literate Medical Doctor) called today with the news on the recent Igenex (tick born disease specialty labs) tests and told me I have tested positive for Babesia, and Erlichiosis, but not for the Bartonella like we were thinking. One is treated with antibiotics and the other I have to be off antibiotics. So, we are dealing with the Lymes treatment first, and seeing how that goes for the next month or so. These things are normal in people with Lymes, and are called co-infections. Ticks are nasty little buggars and carry nasty (not so little) diseases. As most stories go, I do not remember EVER having a tick on me, but I used to go camping a lot as a child and was raised outdoors pretty much. You would not know it now, as I am an air conditioner (spoiled) baby these days!!

As for the headaches, I am still dealing with them. I called the neurologist today and he called me in a prescription for a pain/caffeine pill. It took some of the edge off, but the pressure is still there. I will give it a few days and call him back for a blood patch so I can get through this.

I still have no reports on the spinal tap or other 2 MRI's yet. I plan on calling then tomorrow and seeing if there are any results since my next appointment is not until next Wednesday.

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