Friday, May 9, 2008

Before 2003.....

I guess pre-2003 it is hard to really pinpoint alot of the problems I had. I do know that I had severe depression and mood swing disorder. I had gone through periods of lethargy and sleeplessness, all which now I know were due to the Lymes. I have gone through several boughts of chronic respiratory infections and seems like this littlest germs would cause me to get a full blown illness.

From Aug 2001-Dec 2003, I was pregnant 3 times and had 2 beautiful baby girls. I was on medication for depression prior to 2001 and quit taking it while I was pregnant and was off of it until March 2004. That is when I had one of the worst flairs that I previously mentioned dealing with migraines before I was diagnosed.

Prior to Aug. 2001, I was on Welbutrin for depression and had been since 1998, when I really started to notice the extreme mood swings. After several years I realized it was really intense around the week before my period. I thought it was PMDD, but more reading has lead me to believe that it was probably always the Lymes. It just seems that pregnancies brought out the flairs that lead me to think something else was really wrong with me.

During all this time, since probably 1997 we had been trying to found out about some weird symptoms my husband was having. He visited every doctor imaginable......and had multiple tests done to no avail, of course. Atone point, we were scared as many thers have been by the mention of MS. We chased his problems for 8 or so years before my GYN turned us on to the possiblilty of Lymes and we were tested. My husband now has extreme problems due to the length of time it took for diagnosis and treatment. He is in a horrible spot now trying to get anyone to treat him locally. Since he is a man, my GYN cannot treat him legally and has referred us to Louisiana. We have not made that trip for him yet.........

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