Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Back to 2003

Well, in 2003 I was pregnant with Kennedy. I started having these HORRIBLE migraine headaches and since I was pregnant, there was not much I could do about them. After a few months they just kinda went away. Flash forward to having a new baby and a 2 year old, and dealing with daily migraines, and daily was for almost all of the day. I was glad to have kids that slept, so as soon as nap time came around, that is where I was as well.....taking a nap to get away from the light and headache. I finally went to a neurologist and he did an MRI. The found several undifferentiated white spots on my brain which can go along with migraines. Still, no real answer as to why this was happening. He gave me a medicine called Migrin for when I felt them coming on, was like a sedative. So, I had to sleep after taking one of those, but it worked well. The Neurologist also did some blood work and found I had a weird ANA level, which could have been Lupus. He then sent me to the first rheumatolgist I saw. He in turn did tons of blood work and told me the places (which I knew) where he could see arthritis already......I was not 29 year sold yet. He also found that I have a blood clotting disorder call Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome or APS. Still, really not pointing to my original issues, just finding out I have more wrong with me!! Somewhere in this time period, I saw Dr. Wilson and he suggested I might look into Lymes testing. He referred me to Igenex Labs but I was having a problem trying to find someone who would help me with the blood draw. I asked that first Rheumatolgist for his help, and he would not do it. So, I actually had a follow up with another Rheumatologist who labeled me with Fibromyalgia.....he also laughed at me for suggesting it could be Lymes. Needless to say I did not continue on as his patient. Finally Dr. Wilson suggested someone who had become interested in helping out Lymes patients, and he assisted with the initial Igenex Blood draw. That was Dr. Grodsin...he actually helped get Ken tested as well (he is also Lymes positive but that is an even longer story) and started us on our first round of antibiotics. His bedside manner left us lacking and his treatment fizzled out fast......we have both been without treatment since then.

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