Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Explosion or Implosion?

I do not know what is going on with my body right now but I do not appreciate it for sure. I have had a headache for days now and it still continues. Driving yesterday was strange to say the least. I literally had to call Ken and ask him where something was because I could not remember. That is so not me....I do not get lost or have problems with locations or directions. I had to stop and rethink about where we were actually going after we had been driving for a while as I had totally spaced it and did not remember where we were going. It took a minute but it kicked in and I was fine......I kinda got spooked for a minute thinking about the "what if's" that could happen, but I had to get past that and continue on with what we were doing. I was all over Dallas all day yesterday as well. I had to go from Aubrey to Sachse, to Carrollton to Lewisville, to Irving, back to Carrollton, then to Denton and finally back home. I was mentally exhausted by the time we got home because I was focusing on the task at hand.

I still have not heard anything on the MRI. I hate waiting on these things. I am sure I will hear about the newest blood work in a couple days.

On a good note, we had family pictures taken over the weekend and they turned out really well. My friend Tori did a great job!

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