Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blogging Limbo

I seem to have been in a blogging limbo lately. I have not felt like doing it. I have been pretty busy.....we are back in school now and I am also working. This is also our busy time of year, from September to January. I am pretty healthy - just doing infusions right now. Been losing weight and since this time last year have lost 40 pounds so that is great!

Ken was recently asked by one of the heads of the local MS chapter to blog for the next 6 months while he fundraises for the MS150 in May and gets ready for the ride. He saw one of his videos on You Tube that he made about me and MS last year. The guy just thought the video was awesome and wanted to link to it on his You Tube tab as well. Ken makes some pretty cool videos, but then again I am partial to his work.... :)

Our nephew, Geramy, and his band, American Lab Rat, are doing a show to benefit MS, Dallas Rockers 4 MS coming up on the 25th. This is pretty hard metal music, but it is also pretty good if you dig that type of music! Check them out, and come out to support the cause! It is so strange to think that Ken got him into guitar when he was 13 and now he has a band that is making a name locally for themselves and doing things for the community at the same time. I am pretty proud of him - he kept himself out of trouble in his teen years by taking the music route and when many people did not believe in him, we have always supported his love. I would love to see him go far, he is a pretty great guitarist!

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