Tuesday, August 25, 2009

School's in Session

We started school the week after my surgery. I had to do something and I was motivated and we went full on into it......and it was good. We have been on a regular schedule and so far there has not been too much of a melt down, or struggle but a little slow walking by the eldest child. Some days she makes school an all day task. Today was a good day and we had fun....we need more of those days! Other than that I have been planning the year's field trips and outings and trying to get our schedule locked down around my various appointments and work.

I go in on Thursday to have the Power Port put in so I will not be bruised up anymore when nurses cannot locate my poor little veins. I am bruised on both arms from last weeks infusion where there was three misses before the vein was found. I look like a addict who shoots up.....yuck! Anyway, I should not have any issues with that after Thursday afternoon, God willing.

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