Friday, July 17, 2009

Infusion bills, insurance, government.....blah!

The MS medication industry is right up there in the way of costs with the cancer field. My first week of infusions were outragious - well, the insurance billed amount was. I just had my second round last week, and I will be taking them every two weeks now. This is a lifelong treatment....or until something better comes along. Until then, we have about 7 years, bar no big emergent bills, before the lifetime max on the insurance is reached. Wow, I will just be a little over 40 then......what will we do then?

Day 4 = $9,919.05

Day 3 = $9,619.05

Day 2 = $9,919.05

Day 1 = $9,969.05

Total = $39426.20

The hot question lately is about government run health care or mandatory minimum health care benefits for everyone.....stay out of my business, I say. I now live with several life-long health issues and I cannot imagine not having insurance, but it cannot be forced onto us in the way the government is wanting to do. It will fail....

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