Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Post Infusion [15 days]

I am 2 weeks from the start of my first IVIg infusion and I feel really good. I have NO more sinus infection....it finally went away!! Big benefit of the IVIg there in itself! My energy level has been pretty good as well. I think I have had pretty good days overall and not really any bad days to speak of since the last day of the infusions. I go back on July 9th for the next round of infusion and then i will start going every 2 weeks. I will go back in mid July for another MRI to see how the lesions are doing and follow up with the Neuro shortly after that. Right now I have to go and get bloodwork done every couple of weeks to watch my white blood cell counts and liver and kidney levels.

I have been receiving hits on the blog quite a bit here lately from the web. I enjoy talking to people about LD and being able to help them if I can. It also lends to those who think they can give advice yet wish to remain anonymous.....often they tend to not know my situation and what applies to me. I love meeting new people and talking about these diseases, be real and honest with me and I will do the same with you! Otherwise, there is no need to even take the time to send a comment to me!

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