Thursday, May 21, 2009

When do we really become old?

I mean it??? I have never really had an issue with actual age. No birthday has affected me like 30th might, or the dreaded 40th as it does some. I think I have honestly never had any problems with my age at all. I am however beginning to think that, mentally anyway, age might be becoming an issue. I feel more overwhelmed by things in such ways that they might have never bothered me before.....I am not having regrets about my life, but looking back at friendships from the past and wondering what happened to them. How do they drift away, or fade like they do? Why does it seem like it was only yesterday that we spoke to someone but it might have been 20 years since we saw them? Seriously.....I think Facebook has done this to me......

I tend to be a deeply caring person, once you are a friend, you are usually more like family. I adopt people....I love them, hurt for them, and with them. I would do anything for someone like this I was close to.....even if it has been 20 years (give or take a couple). It is getting harder to reconcile the pictures in my mind with the reality of today, sadly. I know and understand people change and may not have the memories of yesteryear that I do, but it is still hard to wrap my head around at times. Can you ever really go back and pick up where you left off with an old friendship? I have a few friends that I have been blessed to be able to do this with.....very blessed. I wish I was able to be closer to a few more old friends........maybe in the future?

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